Ecogroup Disinfectant as part of HQ Clean’s eco-friendly product range

HQ Clean offers eco-friendly office and commercial cleaning as part of our commitment to being green as well as clean

In every aspect of her business, meticulous owner Jody McDonald is thoroughly committed to acting in the best interests of every client. For the health of your staff, customers and greater New Zealand, HQ Clean plays our part by working with locally-made products that are certified by Environmental Choice. Environmental Choice is New Zealand's official environmental label, initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand Government.

Our commitment is to use Eco Group’s range of cleaning products for your regular scheduled cleaning services. The raw materials used in Eco Group’s products come from plants and minerals. Because plants and minerals are highly sustainable, these products make little impact on the environment both now and in the future.

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Our philosophy combines the right people with the right training and cleaning products

To ensure a consistently high cleaning standard across the board, each member of staff is carefully hand-selected. Jody works with each cleaning professional onsite to ensure all services are delivered to scope. As part of the intensive training, each staff member receives manuals and training tools to ensure a deep understanding of colour coding, cleaning efficiencies, delivery, exceptional quality and service. Client satisfaction is crucial to HQ Clean Limited and Jody's success can be attributed to her being directly involved with staff, training and equipment.

As part of site audits, Jody checks that the correct amounts of cleaning products are being used and highlights any over or underuse. Careful thought is paid to what products are used for everyday jobs. More intensive cleaning products are only used when absolutely necessary.

How can we help? As part of our commitment to delivering end-to-end cleaning services, we also manage washroom consumables where your washroom and kitchen supplies are replenished for you. To discuss your commercial cleaning requirements, please contact HQ Clean Limited today. Jody looks forward to meeting you and ensuring your commercial premises is spotless.

Investing in Technology to achieve better results and reduce environmental impact.

HQ Clean Limited have recently invested in the lastest in cleaning technology with the iMop from Tennant. that easily cleans floors with the flexibility of a mop and the power and speed of a scrubber but dramatically reduces water and chemical consumption over mop and bucket cleaning.

This machine isn't just designed for cleaning, it is designed for the cleaner.

iMop from Tennant - Floor cleaner

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